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DTP Approval

Two arrangements of Applications in the endorsed design (Layout application structures) ought to be submitted to the neighborhood body by the candidate with vital enclosures(enclosures to go with format application) and 5 duplicates of proposed design Drawing.

The nearby body after investigation will advance the application to the CLPA/NTDA for with its suggestion for specialized endorsement and arranging authorization.

The specialized segment at the CLPA/NTDA will investigation the application regarding the standards and parameters and a choice will be taken by the JD/DD/MS.

Choice might be for endorsement, dismissal or return or requiring extra points of interest

On the off chance that it was chosen to give endorsement, at that point specialized drawing will be arranged and will be put before the Authority.

At that point the Centage charges and Development charges would be determined and request letter will be sent to the candidate to dispatch the equivalent.